Board of Directors

Minerva has been fortunate to work with an incredible network of champions.  We would also like to honour the significant contributions of our supporters who have passed away.

Kirsten Sutton, Chair

VP & Managing Director, SAP Labs Canada

"Minerva is a very special organization – one that builds confidence, creates friendships, expands networks and changes lives – and being a part of it is a very special experience for me. Collaborating with an amazing group of Board members, staff, volunteers and donors, Minerva continues to make great strides in our mission and I’ve officially been “Minerva’d” for life."

Zahra Rasul, Vice Chair

Owner and Director, Rasul Learning Group

"The work of the Minerva Foundation truly affects positive change for all women in BC. Minerva takes the notion of social responsibility, a commitment that we have to one another to "level the playing field", and puts it into action through quality programming for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women. As a feminist, professional, mother, and social activist, I feel privileged to be a part of an organization that makes a real impact in areas about which I care deeply."

Christine Marks, Director

Director of Corporate Communications, Goldcorp Inc.

"What caught my attention is that just like authentic leadership, Minerva’s impact is deep, highly personal and creates positive ripple effects for generations. It’s easy to get excited about an organization that is positively impacting the face of leadership in such a tangible and profound way."

Carol Chiang, Director

Partner, KPMG

“I have been part of the Minerva family through corporate and personal involvement for many years and cannot think of another organization more entrenched and staying authentic in its endeavors to elevate the visibility, influence and contribution of women leaders. Its commitment to changing the face of leadership resonates with my belief it can be done with collective will and desire and that is why I am honored to be part of Minerva.”

David Martin, Director

President & Creative Director, Hyphen Communications

"As a brand storyteller, the Minerva mission and vision immediately resonated with me. The Minerva team makes real changes to real lives, every day. I look forward to helping bring these inspiring stories to an even bigger audience."

Nicole Byres, Director

Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

''I have long admired Minerva’s values-based mentoring and leadership programs for indigenous and non-indigenous girls and women, and so I’m honored to be a part of its Board of Directors. The need for diverse and inclusive organizations used to be considered a matter of social justice, but we now know that there is a business case for having diverse and inclusive leadership. Minerva’s work and commitment to changing the face of leadership of BC’s business and not-for-profit organizations is yielding tangible, positive results. Building on the legacy and impact of its first 20 years, Minerva continues to evolve and inspire a new generation – and I’m proud to play a small part in Minerva’s ongoing mission.''

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop, Director

Director Education Coordinator for Curriculum Development, UBC

Lauren Carbis, Director

Founder, The Prevail Project