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The 2018 Face of Leadership™ BC and Tech Scorecards are out!

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2018 Face of Leadership™ BC Scorecard, and inaugural edition of the […]

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How to Celebrate Canada’s First National Gender Equality Week

This week, Canada celebrates its first National Gender Equality Week from September 23 – 29. We’ve prepared this handy list of ideas you can use to #PromoteHer at home and in the workplace.

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The World Through My Lens – Ida Adamowicz

Ida Adamowicz, current participant in Minerva BC’s Women Leading the Way™ program, shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship and the importance of shaping your own lens.

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Face of Leadership™ Luncheon

This year, Minerva BC is pleased to host two dates for the Face of Leadership™ Luncheon, bringing together business leaders in Prince George and Vancouver for an afternoon of leadership learning and networking.

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Recommended Reading for the Summer

Whether this recent heat wave means lying on a beach or curling under an air conditioner with a good book, it’s a great opportunity to boost your leadership learning. Check out Minerva BC’s staff picks for the summer.

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