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about us

We are committed to dismantling barriers to gender equality in the workplace

paving the way for unobstructedjourneys.

Minerva was born out of an understanding of what it’s like to be the first, the only, and sometimes the token woman at the leadership table. Our founders learned to navigate a workplace that wasn’t built for them, but they didn’t want future generations to experience the same barriers they did. They believed that education, mentorship, and career training could help create unobstructed career journeys for all women.

Today, we continue the work they started, enabling paths to leadership that are without gender, without bias, and without limits. We hope you’ll join us.

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our commitment


Minerva believes in equitable, supportive, and diverse workplaces where everyone can thrive — no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or disability status. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and learning environment and ensuring everyone is treated respectfully so they can benefit from our programs, events and resources.

The leadership of Indigenous women is important to us and we are committed to building relationships with Indigenous communities and to learning and unlearning our own colonial practices. We strive to elevate the visibility, influence, and contribution of Indigenous women and two-spirit individuals who have been leaders in their communities since time immemorial.

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what we do

Who We Help

We specialize in delivering high-impact programs that equip women and girls with the knowledge and tools they need to step into their full leadership potential. We also support the business and wider community in implementing attitudes and systems that champion women’s achievement and propel them into leadership positions.

How We Help

Our evidence-based programs remove personal barriers by growing confidence and developing leadership capacity. Our events, research, and thought leadership focus on identifying visible and invisible workplace barriers and sharing progressive practices. Our education awards and tuition support remove financial barriers for women who aspire to create better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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our impact

leading her way


meet the team

Our board of directors and team of employees passionately believe in the importance of leadership diversity and gender equality.

our history

Founded by women who wanted to make it easier for the next generation to succeed, Minerva has been paving the way for unobstructed journeys should be since 1999.

our legacy

We’re changing the face of leadership by elevating the visibility, influence, and contribution of self-identifying women and girls.