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Bloom Leadership Program


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Highly skilled immigrant and newcomer women often face challenges establishing their careers and reaching leadership positions in Canada. Their education and professional experience from their home country is often under-valued by employers, and adapting to a new workplace context takes time. The Bloom Leadership program recognizes women for the leaders they already are in their organizations, communities, and families, while providing tangible leadership skills and tools to take forward into the future.

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50% of all jobs held by new Canadian women are in the charitable and non-profit sector

Our sector plays an important role in providing career pathways for immigrant women

Statistics Canada and Imagine Canada, 2023

this program is for you


  • Enhance your ability to lead others by understanding your strengths and identifying your leadership style. Develop foundational skills like communicating effectively, giving feedback, and leading diverse teams. Designed specifically for women leaders (including self-identified women and gender-diverse people) this program will set you up for success in your new role.

  • Develop your leadership skills in the Canadian workplace context. Learn to inspire and motivate your team to accomplish common goals. Improve your communication skills, and your ability to give feedback, coach and develop others.

  • Build relationships with other inspired women from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Through the program, cohorts grow into a tight-knit community that you can rely on for support and advice. Research shows that women’s careers benefit from having a diverse and close circle of peers. This is one of the lasting benefits of the program!

why bloom leadership?


  • benefits to you

    • Know your purpose as a leader and feel confident in your leadership style

    • Develop your leadership skills in a Canadian workplace context

    • Expand your professional circle for support, advice, and inspiration

  • benefits to your organization

    • Advance women leaders faster by investing in their development

    • Enhance leadership capacity and performance

    • Make progress on gender equality

program overview & impact

program overview

Bloom Leadership was developed in partnership with the incredible team at Mothers Matter Centre. Drawing on the core material from our Emerging Leaders program, we created Bloom to be an accessible and impactful program to support skilled immigrant women to progress in their careers in Canada.

The program is currently available to employees of MMC, and to other organizations for in-house delivery. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting professional development for newcomer and immigrant women who are rebuilding their careers in Canada.


  • 100% would recommend this program to others

  • 93% left the program with greater self-awareness, confidence, and more resilience

  • 93% were inspired to make changes in their personal or professional life in order to achieve their goals

  • 68% have taken on more leadership responsibility


We’re seeking sponsors

Bloom Leadership is currently offered as an in-house program to organizations who want to advance economic and career opportunities for newcomer and immigrant women. We are interested in developing partnerships with organizations so that we can offer this program at little to no cost to more newcomer and immigrant women in BC.


program structure

This program is designed for learners who use English as an additional language, and in recognition of the many responsibilities that newcomer and immigrant women have as they navigate the Canadian labour market and support their families. As such, learning content is contained within the facilitated group sessions, with minimal activities outside of the scheduled sessions.


Engage in ten (10) group sessions featuring expert facilitation, group discussion, and activities. You will gain insight from your peers as well as guest speakers who share candid perspectives.

Time commitment: 2 hours per session


To help you make the most of your experience in the program, you will receive a personal leadership workbook that includes learning content, resources, and activities to guide your time in the program. The activities are designed to help you reflect and learn from your experiences in the workplace.

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fees & support


This program is currently offered in-house to organizations that service or employ newcomer and immigrant women. Cohorts accommodate between 15 and 30 learners. If you are interested in offering this program to the women in your organization, please contact Minerva directly to inquire.

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“ I thought leadership is about how to manage people and get team work done, but the idea of authentic leadership has totally changed my perspective on leadership. ”

“ The facilitator was great at including everyone in the sessions, very kind and comfortable and made the atmosphere very comfortable for everyone to share their ideas. We were lucky to have her as our facilitator :) ”

“ I have learned more about myself. This program made me feel more clear about what I am doing and where I want to go in the future. ”

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