Patrons Circle

Lis Welch

Vice Chair, The Welch Group

"The Minerva Foundation for BC Women has been an important part of my life for fourteen years. How natural it is to support a thoughtful, well established organization whose carefully developed vision translates into multiple leadership programs and post secondary education funding assistance for women and girls. The successes are measurable and meaningful, my association with the Minerva Foundation deeply rewarding and enriching."

Nancy McKinstry

Director at HSBC Bank Canada and Founding Member, Minerva Foundation for BC Women

"In order to be globally competitive you need a diversified workforce so, to start, we need to see more women in leadership positions. But equally important, we want to collaborate with men to help inspire a movement of values-based leadership. Minerva has been built on the belief that by leading through values, our societies and economy will be transformed."

Patricia Graham

Former Editor-In-Chief, The Vancouver Sun

"Minerva inspires me because it inspires those who benefit from its programs: not only do they learn new things, they realize their own potential. All their talents and skills and abilities blossom, and so too does their belief in what they can accomplish, and the confidence to move forward."

Elise Rees, Partner Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

"The Minerva Foundation has developed innovative programs that allow the women of BC to grow and develop as leaders.  Providing this leading edge approach ensures that the women of British Columbia have access to the right tools to help lead our Province in many endeavors ensuring a balanced and creative voice.  As a passionate advocate for inclusive leadership I am extremely proud of the programs that Minerva has developed."

Anne Stewart, Q.C.

Partner, Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP

"Minerva always gives a hand up, not a hand out - its main goal is to help women succeed and it is achieving that goal! I am proud to be a part of Minerva."

Jill Leversage

Financial Consultant

“Minerva continues to have important impact - it’s a group of men and women who are advocating for more diversity in leadership.”

Debra Hewson

President and CEO Odlum Brown Limited

"Odlum Brown is proud to support Minerva’s youth leadership program, Learning to Lead™. It inspires us to meet the impressive young women participating in the weekend program; seeing them develop new skills, build confidence and explore their potential assures us of Minerva’s important role in cultivating future leaders in our community."

Julia Kim

Vice President & Investment Counsellor, RBC Global Asset Management Inc

"Since its inception twelve years ago, I've had the privilege of being a part of the Minerva Foundation, to see it grow and evolve into an organization renowned for its innovative and collaborative approach to empowering women to reach their full potential. Minerva has gained excellent reputation for its high standards and value based culture. Most importantly, the true magic of Minerva is its ability to transform the lives of everyone it touches - the program participants, staff, volunteers, donors – the ripple effect continues to grow!"

Lisa Ethans

Partner, Deloitte Forensic

Lisa continues to be a valuable partner and supporter of the Foundation’s Combining Our Strength Initiative, a series of programs that builds bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women in the province. Reviewing strategy and impact indicators to providing feedback, Lisa ensures that Minerva’s program work with Aboriginal women in BC goes from strength to strength.