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Minerva’s Executive Days program provides Learning to Lead alumni with an opportunity to connect with leaders in some of BC’s biggest companies. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing stories from our Executive Days participants. We believe that mentorship is a two-way exchange, and through this blog series, we hope to impart some of the wisdom that has been shared through our program.

Meet Jill Earthy. Jill is full of positive energy. She is the CEO of Women’s Enterprise Centre, a non-profit organization that supports women entrepreneurs across BC with loans, education, mentorship, and advisory services. Jill has been involved with Minerva for over 13 years and fondly remembers attending her first event back in 2007.

Meet Christine Bautista. Christine is a busy student at Windermere Secondary School and is in the midst of balancing academics and college admissions while also navigating online learning during her final year of high school. Outside of the classroom, Christine runs the school store and is figuring out the logistics of online ordering.

During their Executive Days conversation, Jill and Christine connected on many levels. They spent their conversation reflecting on their high school experiences and sharing valuable insights into the Future of Work.

Jill’s career path has been full of twists and turns. When she was younger, she thought about going into finance but was guided in a different direction, only to loop back later in life. Christine is passionate about solving business problems. She is interested in data science, business, and entrepreneurship and is considering a career in consulting. Much like Jill during her youth, she’s still “figuring it out.”

Given her years of work experience, Jill shared some interesting insights into the Future of Work. Women in entrepreneurship still face barriers and despite progress being made, women tend to have more difficulty accessing networks and funding opportunities. Women are taking on many additional responsibilities during this COVID era, especially at home. However, she is optimistic that many new models are emerging in this time of disruption are creating more opportunities for women as we move forward.

As the mother of two daughters, Jill is confident in the Future of Work and the face of women’s leadership, and her Executive Days conversation with Christine reaffirmed her optimism.

“Talking to young women like Christine who are confident, inquisitive, and passionate makes me hopeful for the next generation.”

Christine is hopeful about the Future of Work and values the steps companies are taking towards greater transparency, diversity, and inclusion. Although she hasn’t decided on which career path she is going to take, she remains optimistic.

Thank you, Jill and Christine, for sharing your experiences!

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