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Growing up I remember watching my dad leave for work. It was a typical 9-5 factory job in a small city known for being the birth place of Wayne Gretzky. He would work all week, and spend his weekends photographing weddings.

At the age of 13 I started to assist him, planting the seeds of my own dreams to become a professional photographer. I spent years taking pictures, initially alongside my father, but eventually spending hours and hours honing my own craft. One thing that I quickly learned was my ability to catch candid moments. My love for storytelling naturally expanded to video –since my camera was capable of both—inspiring the decision to move back to my hometown to take a Television Broadcasting and Media Studies program. It was easy to fill my non-classroom time by attending local events, concerts, and finding opportunities to create as much content as I could. I was hooked.

But living in a small town, I was limited to the type of projects I could work on. I had proven that I had the energy to hustle, but I craved exposure to larger projects to challenge myself. The answer was a no-brainer: I made my move to Vancouver.

If I were to write to my younger self who was chasing a dream as a photographer, I would tell her that there is no set route. Instead you need to constantly learn and adapt. What worked for you a year ago doesn’t necessarily mean it will today.

Since partnering with Minerva BC two years ago as their photographer, and being immersed in networks that support values-based leadership and strong female leaders, I am inspired to continue my own growth as an entrepreneur. When you own your own business, you have to be adaptable. And the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep learning. That is partly why I was excited to take part in Minerva BC’s Women Leading the Way™ program. As the only entrepreneur in the room, I was initially nervous being surrounded by women who had more traditional career paths. But that quickly changed as I saw how they appreciated hearing about my experiences. The more I learn about values-based leadership, the more I appreciate my unique lens (pun intended).

Growing up in a small town, I could have easily given up on photography and worked a 9-5 in a factory. Watching my dad gave me the inspiration to go for my dreams. I’m proud to say that I am my father’s, daughter. Driven, adventurous, enthusiastic, with a face that lights up before every shoot.

Wonderful Ida is a visual storyteller who helps small businesses and filmmakers build an authentic online presence. She does this by creating brand specific photos and videos and offers strategic advice to enhance content sharing experience. Learn more about Ida at www.wonderfulida.ca

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