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Lean in, lean back, or lean on? Where does a women over 50, who is transitioning into potential retirement, fit? According to Tracy Theemes from Sophia Financial Group “she doesn’t necessarily want to be full steam ahead anymore, but is also not likely ready to lean back into a rocking chair either. Nor is she prepared to lean on others to pull her through this imminent process.” Rather, it appears that she may be searching for a community of women with whom she can leap, as opposed to lean, into the next phase with thought, preparation and perhaps a bit of mischief.

Theemes suggests that, “women of this generation are ready to stop running from meeting to meeting. They don’t want to be at the mercy of their schedules any longer. They want to be with their peers who are potential fellow trouble makers.” That is, they want to develop relationships with other powerful women who are ready to transition into something that is meaningful, financially viable and takes into account all of their brilliance, leadership skills and resources.

This is where Minerva’s Leaders in Transition comes into play – an intensive, six full day session program that brings together a group of eager women who were ready to start planning for their next chapter.

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Michelle Brenton, who recently completed Minerva’s Leaders in Transition, provides us with a wonderful overview of her experience in the program:

When I initially participated in the pilot for Leaders in Transition, I was a little hesitant of whether it was right for me…after all, I have many years to go before I consider retirement. However, the pilot convinced me this was absolutely the right program and the right time – having time on my side just meant I had longer to plan and that’s never a bad thing in this busy life! So I signed up for the inaugural program and it ended up being the highlight of my year and undoubtedly the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Not only did I learn about the many elements a retirement plan should include (financial, leisure, health and wellness, family and relationships) but I forged friendships that have become very important to me. Just to be in the company and hear the stories of so many accomplished women made it a very worthwhile, even life altering experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of remarkable women to spend time with as we planned ahead for what our futures may hold.

Whether we call it retirement, refirement or rewirement, the next stage should be one that we all look forward to as opposed to one faced with dread and fear. With the support of a community of peers and through careful consideration, reflection, meaningful discussions and some specific planning, participants in Leaders in Transition are now in a position to achieve their greatest leadership accomplishment yet.

If you are ready to leap into your next phase with a group of strong, like-minded women, join us in September for our next cohort for Leaders in Transition. 

Here are the first ladies of Leaders in Transition!

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