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Last week, our CEO, Adine Mees, made a very important announcement at the Face of Leadership™ Conference.

She introduced the room to our incoming CEO, Jen Murtagh (pictured above) who is leaving her role as Executive Director of CKNW Orphans’ Fund to join Minerva in mid-August.  From Adine, Jen is inheriting a platform of successes to build upon, and a strong team with which to grow Minerva’s programs and initiatives.

The Face of Leadership™ has put Minerva in the media, and on the minds of top CEOs.  Through this initiative, we have established ourselves as a thought leader in the realm of diversity and inclusion – where we continue to propel the conversation forward with facts and solutions.  Combining Our Strength™ is expanding into more territories in the province, and developing new programming for Aboriginal youth.  Learning to Lead™ has exceeded all of its diversity goals for enrollment, and is setting even more ambitious targets for next year.  Women Leading the Way™ is at an all-time high for participation and word-of-mouth referrals, and Leaders in Transition continues to be an innovative, next frontier for women.

The cohesion and strength of this platform is attributed to Adine, whose vision has lead the organization to new heights.  Her levity and laughter have powered the team to great accomplishments, despite our small stature! 

It is with great excitement that we now look to Jen, a longtime Minerva supporter, participant and collaborator, to helm our next era of growth.  Minerva is soaring, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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