On the day of the US presidential election we created a very different meme from the one below – one which celebrated a victory for us all.  We thought the age of womankind had undoubtedly begun.  And now, only a day later, we realize the extent to which we are still fighting for it.

Today is a signpost
On Monday, we were in the executive board room at Teck Resources, seated at a table lined with CEOs from the province’s top-grossing companies.  Miklós Dietz of McKinsey & Co was at the podium, presenting critical findings from their research. The successful pathway to gender parity involves two roads, he explained: CEO engagement, and women’s development.  He commended Minerva for our work on both.

The leaders at that table have signed our Diversity Pledge, committing to personally monitor their organizations’ progress, in terms of women in leadership.  Meanwhile, they are also enrolling their high-potential leaders in Women Leading the Way™, Minerva’s six-month career accelerator.

Through our continuum of programs and initiatives, we are developing women at every stage of their leadership journey.  This year we are piloting a new program called Indigenous Roots: Girls Matter, with a focus on sustained leadership education for Aboriginal girls in the Lower Mainland.

Because that’s what it takes to turn this around: a sustained commitment to invest in girls and women, and transform the business community into a place that invites their leadership. This is what Team Minerva is striving for every single day.

If you are feeling outrage today, please turn that into fuel for our work.  It has never been more necessary, and we cannot do it without your support.

Together, we will change the face of leadership.

Thank you, on behalf of Team Minerva,

Jen Murtagh, CEO

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