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International Women’s Day is an opportunity to honour women of the past who overcame much adversity so that generations of women to follow can enjoy more equal opportunity. International Women’s Day also serves as a reminder that while we reap the benefits of the hard work done in the past, opportunities are still far from equal. Women around the world continue to struggle, and our work is far from done.

Every year for International Women’s Day, Minerva publishes the Tribute Tree in which donors honour special women in their lives!

This year’s Tribute Tree honourees are:

Margaret Ann Crane ~ Mary MacPhail ~ Carolyn Thomas ~ Rhondda Morrison ~ Luz Caidos ~ Judy Rogerson ~ Rita Edwards ~ Sarah Dodds ~ Lil Neill ~ Lola MacLaughlin ~ Nancy McKinstry ~ Mary Zaichkowsky ~ Cheri Guze ~ Margaret Pritchard ~ Alice Tippe ~ Selma ~ Anne Park ~ Barbara Mowat ~ Women and Men of KPMG ~ Pamela Shearar ~ Netta Sanderson ~ W. Jean Goold ~ Delores Franz ~ Agnes O’Callaghan ~ Michelle Sharp ~ Sherri Rotenberg ~ Yolanda Ambrocio ~ Judy Briscoe ~ Anabelle ~ Pam Taylor ~ Janet Mackenzie ~ Jessie Rupp ~ Madeleine, Gabrielle and Charlotte Hodgson ~ Diana Buric ~ Michelle Bertho ~ Wynona Mulcaster ~ Ruth McBride ~ Carlene Hornby Allen ~ Joan Ross ~ JD (Joan) Carter ~ Kyla and Sarah Plewes ~ KPMG female partners ~ Kay Dolan ~ Barb Livingston ~ Elaine Scott

From all of us at Minerva, thank you to the women – both on and off the Tribute Tree – that have and continue to make a positive impact in our homes, at our work, in the community and around the world. And thank you, to all of the women and men that support them.

Happy International Women’s Day to you!

(The Tribute Tree will also be published in the Saturday, March 8th 2014 edition of The Vancouver Sun!)

(To download the 2014 Tribute Tree please click here.)

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