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Congratulations to Leigh Wall and Carmen Landsdowne for winning awards to attend the current session of Women Leading the Way™.

(Photo Credit Gerald Deo)

Carmen Lansdowne was awarded the Lis & Bruce Welch Women in Non-profit Award, and had this to share upon her acceptance:

I’m very grateful to be awarded the Lis and Bruce Welch Award for Women in Non-Profit.  I know from over a decade of non-profit experience that our organizations are often expected to perform as well or better than other companies.  But we often have far fewer resources and capacity to devote explicitly to leadership.  This award won’t just benefit me, but also the both First United societies I lead.  With a recent history of successive turnover in leadership and me being new to my role, taking time to reflect on who I am as a leader, what I value, and what we can achieve together at First – this gift couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  Walis Gayasixa!

While Leigh Wall received the Ann Naymie Women in Trades Award:

Leigh Wall

I am excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with other women to discover my own leadership skills

We are so grateful to have you both on board to bring your skills and experiences to Women Leading the Way™, and wish you the best as you take the next steps in your leadership journey. Congratulations!

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