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Meet Lizzie, a recent graduate of Cornell University’s Communication and Development Sociology programs. Through her undergraduate training, she became interested in the intersection of social justice and technology and learned how to communicate effectively, ethically, and cross-culturally. She brings her strategic thinking and creative spirit to the Minerva team. Welcome, Lizzie!

Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I’m a triplet! I have a fraternal brother who lives in Boston and an identical sister who lives in Vancouver. Unfortunately, my sister is 3 inches taller.

What attracted you to Minerva?

Before joining Minerva, I worked as a financial services recruiter in New York. Exposure to the corporate world made me more aware of the barriers women face in the workplace, and I gained a better understanding of my privilege and the unearned advantages that have helped me along the way. Fortunately, I have had female mentors who have shown me that barriers can be broken, and I believe that all women deserve the same guidance. I’m inspired by Minerva’s commitment to helping women realize and develop their leadership potential, which is integral to a sustainable and equitable society.

Do you think the pandemic has shifted the digital landscape?

Definitely – now more than ever, it is important to leverage technologies to communicate with others, especially as remote working is increasingly normalized and face-to-face interactions are limited. As our dependence on digital communication grows, we rely more on digital platforms to feel connected with the world which we are not physically able to touch, smell or see. The small but mighty Minerva team has adapted exceptionally well to an all-virtual experience, and I hope to apply my digital communication skills to continue to make the Minerva community feel as tight-knit online as in-person.

What’s your favorite social media platform?

I adore Instagram. As an entirely visual platform, it is easier for me to connect with others because I find that photos and videos can invoke emotions on a more visceral level. Instagram is captivating because I can follow role models and microblogs that promote social issues I’m passionate about. Although ephemeral, the Instagram stories feature, which has gained traction over the past few years, is a powerful tool that has made Facebook status updates and Snapchat stories obsolete.

What are your hobbies / interests?

In my spare time, I run a food Instagram account with a few friends from college. I enjoy coming up with crazy new recipes, making a mess in the kitchen, and posting photos (of my successes) on social media. When I’m not cooking up a storm, I enjoy skiing and watching documentaries.

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