In this edition of Donor Spotlight, we’d like to introduce a remarkable individual, Chad Bentley. Chad will be competing in the Epic 5 Ultra Triathalon Challenge, an incredible adventure that will take him to Hawaii to compete in five Ironman competitions in just five days(!)

While we were immediately impressed by Chad’s athletic aspirations, we were even more delighted to hear that Chad chose Minerva BC’s Indigenous Roots program as a recipient of his $25,000 fundraising goal. We encourage everyone to offer support (emotional and financial) to encourage Chad along this epic undertaking.


Learn more about Chad’s motivation to compete in the Epic 5 Ultra Triathalon Challenge and his connection to Minerva BC.

How did you first connect with Minerva BC and hear about our work?

I connected with Minerva BC through their Partnership and Alumnae Manager, Jackie Dagg. I met Jackie a couple of years ago through my wife, Mary-Jo Dionne.

Mary-Jo told me about Minerva BC’s Indigenous Roots program — and I was very interested. I think it’s so great to teach young Indigenous women about the interconnected role of nature, culture and leadership in life; in essence, to bring them back to their roots. I believe it has the potential to break so many of the cycles seen in today’s Indigenous communities related to disconnectedness and feelings of unworthiness in light of a history steeped in societal wrongs.

In my current field of practice, I coach, mentor and aim to establish relationships with Indigenous businesses and people by providing opportunities in the Power Line industry. In that capacity, I have had many discussions about the social issues facing Indigenous Communities across the progince. There seems to be a constant theme of low self esteem and limited resources with regard to coaching and mentoring. Strong leadership from Indigenous women will be a driving force that will boost generations to come in a positive direction.

Why do you think that it is important to support Minerva BC’s mission of changing the face of leadership?

I have two beautiful little girls. I want my daughters to grow up as strong, independent women who have the confidence to make important life decisions that will allow them to take on any of life’s unique challenges. My wife and I will do everything we can to raise our children with this mindset. However, not all young girls are raised with access to the same support. Therefore, it is really important for organizations, like Minerva BC, to be applauded in their mission to change the face of leadership. Our communities prosper when we have gender equality and strong female leadership.

At Minerva BC, we encourage others to define their values, and lead with their strengths. How does this resonate with you?

I am a firm believer in establishing one’s own set of personal core values that align with purpose. Once values and purpose align, we are better able to set ourselves up on a path of continuous self learning, growth, passion, happiness and commitment to be in service to others.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your journey as an Ultraman competitor, EPIC5 contender, and leadership coach?

I was not always living a life in line with my purpose. As a younger guy, I suffered from extreme low self esteem that took me on a life path of difficult lessons. I had to work hard at shifting my mindset in order to change course and get where I am today.

In the past, I felt not worthy – not smart enough and just overall felt terribly low, physically and emotionally — at different times in my life. I have learned that we are, as they say, “spiritual beings having a human experience” and that everyone suffers from a variation of insecurities. Those insecurities are false stories that our fear-based minds have made up trying to keep us small and average.

Ironman — and more so Ultraman and now EPIC5 — taught me to overcome adverse scenarios by mastering the mental game. Endurance events teach me life lessons every time I do a race. I have learned in life that self-leadership comes first – and that leadership of others comes second. You must master your inner world and self dialogue. Ultimately, this has put me on a path of my version of success, adventure, and opportunity. This is my “why” when it comes to why I continue to embark on these adventures.

EPIC 5 — 5 Ironman events in 5 days on 5 different islands in Hawaii – will be about the mental toughness. Just like in life, it will be about moving forward — all the time — and keeping an overall positive mindset. I have learned that when I live life by the “move forward no matter what” mantra, it works for me. That’s what I want my daughters to see.

Follow Chad’s adventure on his: Twitter / Website

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