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This past weekend, Minerva delivered the 14th annual Learning to Lead™ program to nearly 50 Grade 11 girls from across BC. It was three days of dropping knowledge and sharing wisdom, storytelling and connecting with peers, dance offs and drum circles and, of course, shedding a few tears of clarity (as one of the girls so aptly put it).

The weekend started off with dinner among special guests and an inspiring keynote address from Sadie St. Denis, Executive Director of Shanti Uganda. What followed were workshops on strengths, values, systems, a mentorship panel and world cafe, a drumming circle, and a spoken word performance by Kelsey Savage (read the poem here and watch her performance here!). The program closed with a touching witnessing ceremony that we (and the girls) will never forget. What the girls learned is how to identify their strengths and values, and lead from a place that’s true to themselves, how to find mentors and sponsors, and how we’re often more similar to our peers than we think.

These courageous young women entered the weekend nervous and knowing no one. They left with confidence, inspiration and each other. And what remains are deep friendships, self-discovery, determination and a commitment to each other – and themselves – to maintain their bond and to make a difference. These young women are forever changed and excited to conquer the world!

[And girls, we are super, duper, super excited for you 😉 xo Minerva]

Check out some highlights in pictures:







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We would like to thank our incredible community for making this program such a success:

To our den moms and all the volunteers, facilitators and mentors – thank you for all the support, time, inspiration and wisdom you shared with the Grade 11 girls.

Thank you to our Sponsors without whom this program wouldn’t be possible: Coast Capital Savings, RBC, Odlum Brown, Aritzia, Tony and Laura Gage and The Vancouver Sun. And a big thanks to Aritzia for the beautiful t-shirts!!

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