Combining Our Strength™

Strengthening Indigenous Leadership since 2005

Vision: Changing the Face of Leadership in BC by creating partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous women Mission: We create space for Indigenous women to discover self, connect with others, and to move forward with a deeper knowledge of their own values and passions.

“Minerva has given me the gift of values. I learned to live and work from my values and because of that I know my purpose. I want this clarity and purpose for all our Nations” – Renee Lomen, Fort Nelson BC.

Since its inception in 1999, Minerva BC has made a commitment to diversity; this includes diversity in age, ethnicity, discipline, field of study and gender. As part of this mandate, the Foundation has actively sought to engage, recruit and celebrate Indigenous women as beneficiaries, leaders and teachers in its programs. The Combining Our Strength™ initiative began as a joint-partnership of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women connected for leadership development, economic security and education. It presented an opportunity to provide programming for Indigenous and non-Indigenous women in and near rural Aboriginal communities throughout BC. Programming is culturally relevant and sensitive to the unique needs of these women.  Through Combining Our Strength™, Minerva recognizes that female Indigenous leaders are the key to enhancing the leadership of Indigenous women and girls. We are committed to exploring how combining Indigenous and non-Indigenous women can enhance leadership development. Combining the leadership skills, qualities and experiences of these women presents an opportunity for unique strengths of all parties to be shared, and opportunity to mutually benefit from learning exchanges. The Combining Our Strength™ programming is designed for Indigenous and non-Indigenous BC women who are:

  • seeking meaningful work, returning to school, advancing their career or looking for ways to make significant contributions to their community
  • seeking effective communication tools and presentation techniques
  • wanting to gain knowledge of effective team building
  • wanting to be a person of influence in their community


Community Leadership Program

The Community Leadership Program is offered to women who demonstrate initiative and a willingness to actively participate.

Indigenous Roots

Indigenous Roots is Minerva BC's outdoor leadership program for Indigenous girls from the Lower Mainland.