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Circle of Friends


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The circle of friends program is a special community of Minerva supporters, alumni and donors. Help us plan our future by donating on a monthly basis. Your ongoing commitment provides a funding stream that we can count on.

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How your support helps


Donations help fund important research on gender equity in BC's workplaces.


Donations help expand reach through events like the inclusive leadership forum.

tuition support

Donations help women and girls with tuition support for Minerva's leadership programs.

equity, diversity & inclusion

Donations contribute to enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion in BC's workplaces.

elevate women & girls

Donations help elevate BC's women and girls into leadership positions, faster, through Minerva's programs.

Advocacy & Allyship

Donations help us continue important advocacy and allyship conversations with BC businesses.

for equality. for business. for her.

help change the face of leadership

Online donations are an easy way to support our mission and show your commitment to breaking down barriers and advancing leadership and economic equality. If you have the capacity, please consider giving to Minerva BC so we can continue to change the face of leadership.

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help change the face of leadership

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