Minerva BC is a registered charitable organization operating in British Columbia (Charitable Registration # 86749 0021 RR0001).

Minerva BC has touched the lives of more than 3,000 women and girls across the province and given away more than $2 million in Education Awards. Download our 2014 Annual Report

Minerva BC needs to raise just over $1.3 million each year to deliver our programs and provide financial assistance in the form of education awards to women throughout the province.

Without our programs many single moms will have difficulty continuing their education in order to make better futures for themselves and their family. Often, even accomplished women who have been out of the workforce for some time find themselves in financial difficulty and need help building their confidence and making the connections necessary to get their career back on track.

Our Indigenous communities need leadership support to help heal their communities and their families.

For women to make strides in their careers and take on higher levels of responsibility they need training and support from other men and women who believe in benefits of seeing more women in leadership positions. You can help make an impact in these women’s lives by making a donation now.

“Going through the Minerva Helping Women Work has been the most transformative experience of my life in helping me regain the confidence to use my skills and talents to pursue new avenues in my career.” Jan Mansfield, Minerva Helping Women Work

Monthly Donor Program
A great way to support Minerva BC’s on-going sustainability is through our monthly donor program.  Over the long term your combined monthly donations can make a significant impact on our ability to deliver programs year round.
Make a Monthly Donation Now!

With a gift of $500 or more a year ($42 per month), you can become a part of our Circle of Friends and can enjoy many exclusive benefits.

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Other ways to Support Minerva:

  • Be an Advocate.
    Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and help us get our messaging out to your social networks.  This saves us real dollars in advertising costs.
  • Donate your professional services or products in kind.
    Minerva BC relies heavily on donated goods such as computers – (thank you SAP!), office furniture (thank you Heritage Office Furnishings) and pro-bono assistance on things like consulting, graphic design, photography, web development and so on.  If you have a product or service you would like to donate please contact us at