Partner With Us

Collaboration is one of our core values, and is both critical to the work we do and to paving a new way forward – together. It is in the spirit of collaboration that we invite Partners to join our mission and support the work we do in a mutually-beneficial environment. We provide customizable packages that suit our Partners’ unique needs. It is our goal to provide our partners with an incredibly rewarding and upfront experience. 

There are numerous ways that Partners can support Minerva:

  1. Partner with a Program: Minerva delivers programming in Vancouver and throughout the province: 
    Combining our Strength
    Women Leading the Way
    The Face of Leadership™ Initiative
    Indigenous Roots
  2. Partner with an Employee: Partner with an employee to participate in one of our leadership programs:
    Women Leading the Way

  3. Partner with Minerva: Contribute to everything we do by becoming an overarching Minerva Partner.

For more information, or to pitch us an idea of your own, please contact: