Education Awards

Over $2 million in awards have benefited more than 1,000 women in BC since the program’s inception in 2001.

What We Do The Education Awards program brings together people, who want to make a difference, with women who aspire to beat the odds to create better futures for themselves, their families and communities. There are a wide range of awards available to support women in a variety of circumstances. These awards are made possible by the generosity of donors and educational institutions in BC who believe in the importance of education for future success. The benefits to these women are immediate and long-lasting.

Winning the Welch Leadership Challenge Award has taught me to create opportunities for myself that promote learning and growth. – Zoya Jiwa

Where We’re Going The Minerva Foundation is currently re-designing our Education Awards Program. The re-design gives us an opportunity to re-imagine how we can create the greatest opportunity for the applicants and the highest impact for the donors we work with.


Jill Bodkin Family Education Award (Completed for 2017)

Jill’s Family Education Award is meant for women with at least three years of successful recovery and can be used at any educational institution in BC

Michelle Pockey Leadership Award (Completed for 2017)

The Michelle Pockey Leadership Award will give first priority to an Indigenous woman, a single mother, or a woman facing economic hardship. Second priority will be given to a woman pursuing law, justice, Indigenous, or environmental studies. The award is intended to support her tuition, housing, or childcare in the pursuit of post-secondary education, which will advance her leadership and long-term career prospects.

Filomena Nalewajek Non-Profit Leadership Award

Minerva BC is currently looking for supporters of The Filomena Nalewajek Non-Profit Leadership Award, which will enable an emerging female leader in the non-profit sector to participate in Women Leading the Way™, an interactive, part-time leadership training program, in Fil’s name.