Leadership Development

Minerva is inspiring a movement of values-based leadership. Values-driven principles shape every Minerva leadership development experience

Effective leadership is key to a strong economy and healthy society. Our Leadership Development programs are transformative experiences by which girls and women discover their unique leadership styles, realize their true leadership potentials, and form camaraderie to lift each other towards goals fulfillment. By increasing the awareness of values and the vital role they play in every-day life, the Minerva Foundation for BC Women is inspiring women and men to lead from their own values and become a catalyst for change within the communities they serve.

Who it’s for

  • Teenage girls, female graduate students and young professional women who are looking for mentorship, support, and making connections
  • Women who have established leadership in businesses/communities and are looking to make connections with peers and potential mentors/mentees. These connections are vital to meeting our women’s career aspirations.

“…Not a day passes where I don’t think of the amazing people I met and connections I made at the Learning to Lead™ weekend … I was inspired to make a difference and doing so feels absolutely amazing!”  – Emily Chartrand, (BC)

Learning to Lead™

Learning to Lead™ BC is an annual weekend program held at UBC. It provides young girls, emerging leaders and graduate students with opportunities to be mentored by accomplished women leaders.

Women Leading the Way™

Women Leading the Way™ (WLW) focuses on values-based leadership for advancing women leaders. It offers a hands-on, year-long leadership training program for women who want to have an impact in business, politics and social change.

Leaders in Transition

Leaders in Transition is a unique pilot program for women 50 years and older who wish to investigate their next chapter in life by exploring how to apply their accumulated skills and knowledge in a productive and meaningful way.