Learning to Lead™ presented by Shaw

Learning to Lead™ is an annual weekend program held at the University of British Columbia. It provides Grade 11 girls with the opportunity to discover self, develop confidence and explore their leadership potential, while creating a network of women and girls who will support them along their journey.

“This was one of the best experiences I have had in my life.”

We have a generation of girls who want to change the world – they have ambition and optimism and they are inspired to take their place at the table. At the same time, research reveals that gender biases, stereotyping and inequality will continue to be a challenge for generations to come.

To accelerate change and empower young leaders, Minerva BC offers an enhanced youth leadership program, Learning to Lead™. It’s an inspired girls-only learning space where students expand their capabilities, share their feelings and experiences, and learn to build networks that will influence them throughout their leadership journey.

Participants develop their confidence through workshops that identify their key strengths and core values, while shaping how they can positively impact the world around them.

“It made me feel proud of myself and allowed me to understand myself much more. I recommend it to every passionate girl who wishes to feel the true essence of being a leader!”


In the past, a Principal might have nominated the first student who came to mind as a ‘leader’– often these students are the most vocal, and are already achieving their goals. We want to ensure that we’re also reaching the quiet leaders, those who aren’t always the first to speak up, but clearly want to make a difference and help others.

All girls have leadership potential, and Learning to Lead™ honours Minerva BC’s core value of inclusivity. Those who may not have access to resources will find that all costs are covered–including travel, food, accommodation and materials– ensuring there are no barriers to attendance for any participant.


  • Ensuring 30% of participants are from outside the Lower Mainland
  • Ensuring 10% of participants are Indigenous


Date May 25-27, 2018

Location St John’s College, UBC – Vancouver, BC

Attendance 50 Grade 11 girls • Volunteer facilitators • Inspiring guest speakers • Representatives from sponsoring companies • Senior corporate and community leaders/mentors

Features Welcome dinner and inspiring keynote • Leadership workshops on strengths, values and community building • Interactive mentorship session with community leaders

This program is entirely tuition-free. All costs are paid for through the generous support of sponsors and donors.


  • Create a fun, interactive and reflective space for Grade 11 girls to develop the support and skills they need to take on leadership roles with both hands
  • Connect mentors and sponsors with a group of girls who will make a difference in the world
  • Build a lasting sense of confidence and community within and amongst program participants


  • 50 Grade 11 girls (aged 16 -17)
  • Recruiting from public, independent and band-run schools in BC
  • Nominated by their school counsellor, school head or community member

Since its inception in 1999, the Minerva Foundation for BC Women has made a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are committed to exploring how combining the strengths of different cultures can enhance leadership development.


We invite all high schools in BC to nominate Grade 11 girls who want to make a difference in the world. There is no maximum to how many students a school may nominate. 50 students are selected to attend the Learning to Lead™ weekend.


For more information about Learning to Lead™, please contact Ashley Milbury, Program Coordinator, at: ashleym@minervabc.ca or 604-683-7635 x 221.