Women Leading the Way™

Be the leader you want to be.

Women Leading the Way™ helps you align your leadership actions with what matters most. 

Women Leading the Way™ is an interactive, part-time training program for established and emerging leaders. Grounded in the principles of values-based leadership, our program has transformed the careers of hundreds of women with its unique approach. We believe that knowing who you are and the values you embrace is the first step to becoming an authentic and successful leader. 

Women Leading the Way™ focuses on: 

  • Self-Knowledge: define your core values, identify your strengths and explore y our personal leadership style
  • Leading Others: learn how to inspire, engage and lead diverse teams 
  • Increasing Impact: enhance your communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Transforming Work: embrace change and drive innovation 
  • Being Authentic: align your leadership actions with your core values and strengths 
  • Women Leaders: explore the unique challenges faced by women leaders and how to overcome them 

Benefits to You

  • Understand your purpose and motivation as a leader
  • Grow your impact with the people and teams you lead
  • Feel confident in your ability to take on new challenges and opportunities 
  • Expand your leadership network for support, advice and inspiration 

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Increased engagement and commitment of female staff
  • Talent that has been identified and nurtured to take on more responsibility
  • Talent with enhanced leadership capacity and performance
  • An advancement on gender equity and diversity initiatives, with immediate impact on organization culture and business results

Program Format

We offer two days of training per month, for six months – plus a four-month leadership project to integrate learning. 

Interactive Learning

The classroom component of the program includes 12 full day sessions. Each session features expert facilitation, group-based discussion, individual reflection, and hands-on activities. In addition, you will gain insight from guest speakers and panelists who share their candid perspectives on a variety of leadership topics.   

Cohort Model

The strong group dynamic which exists within the Women Leading the Way™ program greatly enhances the learning process. Over the six months duration, your cohort will grow into a tightly knit network, enabling you to establish meaningful connections with leaders across different sectors. The women in your cohort will become your peers and your champions. Past participants regularly cite this as a significant benefit of the program.

Leadership Project

After you complete the 12 classroom sessions, you will engage in an independent leadership project. This is an opportunity for you to apply and integrate your learning. You may choose to focus on a challenge you are facing at work, or consider a personal project. After four months, we invite you to return and present your project to a panel made up of Minerva staff and business leaders.


We welcome applicants at all stages of leadership and career. Most participants enter the program with a combination of post-secondary education, 5+ years of work experience (including community and volunteer work), and some leadership experience.

Although the program generates exceptional outcomes across a range of leaders, Women Leading the Way™ has optimal impact at two levels: emerging and high potential women who want to accelerate their leadership development, and established leaders who want deeper understanding of their capacity and how to maximize their impact and satisfaction.

Upcoming Sessions

Minerva runs two cohorts each year, starting in January and September. The in-class sessions are held in Vancouver once a month on a Friday/Saturday from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Women Leading the Way™ Cohort 12 January 2019

Jan 25/26

Feb 22/23

March 15/16

April 12/13

May 10/11

June 7/8

Leadership Project Presentations (TBD)


Dates for the program running from September 2019 – February 2020 are listed below. Applications are now open. 

Women Leading the Way™ Cohort 13 September 2019

September 20/21

October 18/19

November 15/16

December 13/14

January 17/18

February 7/8


Program Fees

  • Regular program fee: $3,500 per participant
  • Non-profit rate: $3,200 per participant


From time to time we have donors who provide scholarships for this program. If you would like to be informed about scholarship opportunities, please continue to check back here or subscribe to our newsletter.

Questions?  Please contact Sarah Greenwood at sarahg@minervabc.ca or 604-683-7635 ext. 229