The Face of Leadership™ Initiative

Over the past 20 years, Minerva has worked with established and emerging leaders, preparing them to take on advanced responsibility and leadership roles in business, government and community.

But despite our efforts, we are not creating change fast enough.

At the present rate of change, it will take 170 years to close the gender gap*.

According to research by McKinsey & Co, women are less likely to be promoted to senior level positions than men. Women receive less feedback in the workplace, and face more push-back when they negotiate. They also have less access to senior-level sponsors.

That’s why we launched the Face of Leadership™ in 2015. Aimed at closing the gender gap, this initiative started a conversation about what’s working and how to advance leadership opportunities for women in BC.

*Statistic quoted from the World Economic Forum, Global Gender Gap Report, 2016

 The Face of Leadership™ Initiative includes:

BC Scorecard

The BC Scorecard offers an annual snapshot of gender diversity within BC’s largest revenue-generating companies

BC Tech Scorecard

The BC Tech Scorecard measures the percentage of women in BC's technology industry in an effort to address gender-based inequalities.

Diversity Pledge

We invite all CEOs to make a public commitment to gender parity by signing our pledge

Inclusive Leadership Forum

The Inclusive leadership Forum is a quarterly discussion forum hosted by Minerva to support dialogue and peer-learning amongst BC Scorecard companies

Executive for a Day - Learn Like a Boss

Executive Days connects tomorrow’s leadership talent with today’s executives by inviting one of our Learning to Lead™ alumna to spend a day with a CEO or senior leader