Today is a signpost.

On the day of the US presidential election we created a very different meme from the one below – one which celebrated a victory for us all. We thought the age of womankind had undoubtedly begun. And now, only a day later, we realize the extent to which we are still fighting for it.

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Hana Doubrava takes the stage.

One of our favourite aspects of Women Leading the Way™ is discovering each cohort’s success stories. One such narrative always emerges early in the program – a woman who makes an enormous leap on her leadership journey.

In cohort six, which began in January of 2016, that story was Hana Doubrava’s. She had joined the program with a clear objective: to take her career to the next level, by changing roles and organizations. She was already working with a career coach; she had come to Minerva to acquire what she articulated as the “missing pieces”.

What she discovered is just how good she is at her job.

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Minerva at WE FOR SHE

Minerva is always working to champion the next generation of leaders. Which is why we were so delighted to be an event partner at We For She, earlier in October. Over 1,500 people attended the conference, which brought business leaders and students together to advance gender equality. The goal was to give young women a greater understanding of their own potential, expand their confidence in what they can achieve, and inspire them with access to dynamic and successful role models.

We For She was the perfect opportunity for alumnae from our Learning to Lead™ program for Grade 11 girls. Ashley Milbury, Minerva’s coordinator of Learning to Lead™ (seen above, on the far left), re-united a dozen of the girls from the 2016 cohort, and served as their chaperone on the day of the event. Two of the twelve travelled from outside the Lower Mainland. Another was so eager to attend, she rallied funding and the support of a teacher/chauffeur, and brought three of her classmates all the way from Agassiz – entirely the result of her own initiative.

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Jacquelyn Nadrazsky on her MBA and her life’s purpose.

In March of this year, Minerva was fortunate to add a new full-time team member: an extraordinary educator and lifelong student named Jacquelyn Nadrazsky. At the six-month mark, Jacquelyn and I sat down to discuss her MBA, her life’s purpose, and the moment she knew she’d been ‘Minerva’d.’

Jacquelyn was born and raised in Bella Bella, the traditional territory of the Heiltsuk First Nation. She graduated from high school there and knew that she wanted to continue into post secondary education right away, without delaying like so many of her peers. At 17, she went to Malaspina University to attend First Nations Arts One – an introduction to Liberal Arts. At that time, she also competed at the North American Indigenous Games in basketball, where she met her husband. She transferred to UNBC Prince George for First Nations Studies, where she remained for three years, before becoming pregnant with their first daughter. Feeling the call of home, she and her husband returned to Bella Bella, where she became a liaison worker at the community school.

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Meet our summer intern, Amelia Cook. She’s been gathering testimonials, and the results are inspiring.

Amelia has been keenly conducting interviews with past participants of our Learning to Lead™ program for grade 11 girls.   […]

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Retirement. It’s not just about the money.

Retirement is supposed to be the best time of your life. But for many accomplished career women, the idea of […]

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Meet Jen Murtagh

Last week, our CEO, Adine Mees, made a very important announcement at the Face of Leadership™ Conference. She introduced the […]

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The Face of Leadership™ Conference was a resounding success.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Minerva hosted 250 business leaders at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, with the goal of collectively ‘outsmarting […]

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Announcing the full Face of Leadership™ Conference 2016 Line-up

On June 22nd, Minerva will help you accelerate organizational change, promote diversity, and create a culture of engagement. A keynote […]

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Launching the Face of Leadership™ BC Score Card

The face of leadership is changing.  But not fast enough. On November 17th, Minerva released a report called the Face of […]

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